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Sorry for the lack of activity in here

Hey guys,

Sorry about the lack of activity in this community..

It's been put to the side as I've been house hunting and soon I'll be moving..

I reckon it would be best to wait until Spring/Summer to hold the festival..

Keep spreading the word!!

And please feel free to post DIYs in here in the mean time..



P.s. anyone looking for a room in Coburg?
clubbing, goth, metal, industrial

Want to volunteer to run a workshop or discussion?

Well, to begin with.. thanks to all the people that have joined up so far.. I feel that it's a reasonably good response. As yet I don't have a time or date for this event, but chances are it will be held over a weekend probably in May or June. If you have to drop out once the date is announced that's perfectly understandable..

But to get an idea, do you want to run a workshop or discussion? What type of workshop or discussion would you like to run? Do you want to run one but can't think of what would be good?

I am thinking of holding a zine/craft/etc. fair as well as part of the event.. with people who have run a workshop or discussion getting a space for free if they would like to sell/trade/give away some stuff.. So there's your extra added incentive, other than the general incentive of just being pure awesome!

clubbing, goth, metal, industrial

What time of year would best suit you?

Ideally I would like to hold this some time within the next few months just so that the enthusiasm etc. for the idea is there.. perhaps more could be held in future too! Obviously though, for it to work.. I need YOU!

So which months do/don't suit you? which dates do/don't suit you?
Which days suit you? I'm thinking a Saturday would be best.. but possibly a Sunday? Or public holiday?

I'm thinking of starting the event at about 1pm running into the night and could possibly do two days back to back..

I'd also like to include a zine/craft fair and some entertainment such as bands and performers.


clubbing, goth, metal, industrial

DIY DIY My Darling

DIY DIY My Darling is a DIY festival set to take place near Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Venue yet to be decided, date and time yet to be decided. We already have volunteers to lead workshops in:
Organic/sustainable gardening + worm farming
Crochet your own hackey sack
Build your own computer or recycle an old one
Badge Making
Zine Making

We would love to have many more workshops or discussions added to this list, so please feel free to volunteer to run some.. you do not need to be someone of high status or even know any of us, all you need to do is want to share a skill, tell us about it, have it approved and do so.

Some ideas for other possible workshops might include:
How to fix your bike
Everything you need to know about dumpster diving
Homebrewing 101
Screen printing
How to make and design patterns
Make your own paper
how to make a straitjacket
Yummy Yummy! Recipe Exchange
How to Juggle

but you know what your skills are... so shout out and we'll sign you up!

The workshops are likely to be followed up by some live bands and possibly even a zine/craft fair.

If you're not interested in running any workshops or discussions, we still need people to attend them.. so come on, speak up! Shout for joy.. tell us what you'd love to see take place,
what skills you'd like to learn..