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D.I.Y D.I.Y My Darling: DIY/Skillshare Event

Want to volunteer to run a workshop or discussion?
clubbing, goth, metal, industrial
nihilistvlad wrote in diydiymydarling
Well, to begin with.. thanks to all the people that have joined up so far.. I feel that it's a reasonably good response. As yet I don't have a time or date for this event, but chances are it will be held over a weekend probably in May or June. If you have to drop out once the date is announced that's perfectly understandable..

But to get an idea, do you want to run a workshop or discussion? What type of workshop or discussion would you like to run? Do you want to run one but can't think of what would be good?

I am thinking of holding a zine/craft/etc. fair as well as part of the event.. with people who have run a workshop or discussion getting a space for free if they would like to sell/trade/give away some stuff.. So there's your extra added incentive, other than the general incentive of just being pure awesome!