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D.I.Y D.I.Y My Darling: DIY/Skillshare Event

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What time of year would best suit you?
clubbing, goth, metal, industrial
nihilistvlad wrote in diydiymydarling
Ideally I would like to hold this some time within the next few months just so that the enthusiasm etc. for the idea is there.. perhaps more could be held in future too! Obviously though, for it to work.. I need YOU!

So which months do/don't suit you? which dates do/don't suit you?
Which days suit you? I'm thinking a Saturday would be best.. but possibly a Sunday? Or public holiday?

I'm thinking of starting the event at about 1pm running into the night and could possibly do two days back to back..

I'd also like to include a zine/craft fair and some entertainment such as bands and performers.



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I'm easy-going about time...although personally I'll need a couple of weeks warning at least, as I work weekends and would have to get time off work to go. But I imagine you'll be doing that anyway. So, yeah, cool.:)

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